Michaela Ramage

Michaela trained and qualified as a lawyer in South Africa in 2017 and thereafter worked at a prestigious law firm in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa where she assisted the firm in many leading cases. These cases received significant press coverage and played a key role in leading to the amendment of  South African law. After receiving extensive exposure and experience in the courts, Michaela  progressed her understanding of the law further by  training and  qualifying as an Advocate. During that time she further honed her skills in legal drafting and litigation. She was admitted as an Advocate in February 2020 and continued practicing in South Africa until early 2021 when she left South Africa to work at a well known London firm. During this time Michaela specialized in private family law and worked on various matters including financial applications, divorce proceedings, and child arrangement proceedings.     

Conrad Adam

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    Former clients and colleagues have said of her:

    Michaela is mature beyond her years and the knowledge and love she has for the law showed from the time she sat down to advise  to the time she walked out. Her honesty and integrity came through very strongly.

    Capable and dedicated. She is quick on her feet, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances.

    Michaela works closely with Charlotte Adler and Conrad Adam in relation to both finance and children matters, assisting them with their cases and in the provision of high-level quality client service.